Tuesday, 24 May 2016

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How to Motivate Your Little Athlete

Do you feel your child has a lot more talent in sports than she is delivering on the field? Or do you feel your child is not living up to her real potential?

Children can easily loose interest in sports. They have so many distractions around that it becomes difficult to stay focused. And for children to stay focused and dedicated to their sports program, it does take a great deal of effort from the coach, the school and that little extra effort from their parents. Parents can help their kids pick up the sport faster, reach out their potential and get confidence in their performance and in life. Here are a few tips to help parents keep their children motivated:

Make your child learn to enjoy competition

Competition is healthy. This is the first lesson your child needs to learn. Competition not only improves game skills but also teaches a lot of life-skills that would be vital in forming the person your child becomes. Your child will learn to work in a team, face challenges, overcome obstacles and have fun along the way.

Make your child believe in the game

The child does not loose if the game is lost, and doesn’t necessarily win if the game is won. Your child needs to believe in the game more than in winning. When children take winning and loosing too seriously they loose the essence of the game.

Be a friend, not a coach

Kids get enough coaching in their sports program, don’t burden them with more. Rather be a friend and provide support, empathy, encouragement and of course some listening. And being a friend your child you can pass on some really important advice without sounding instructive and authoritative.

Be involved but don’t get personal

How much ever it might mean to you but still it’s your child’s goal not yours. Do not get personal about your child’s game. You do invest time, energy and resources in your child’s game, do not get invested yourself. Do not pressurize your child with your expectations. And do not involve bribe to guilt to induce your child into performing in the game.

Teach your child to fail gracefully

Loosing is as important as winning. If winning brings in self-esteem and confidence, loosing teaches you deal with failure, helps you prepare for the highs and lows of life. Tell your child that loosing a game is not equal to failure and humiliation. Your child must learn to loose gracefully and not be embarrassed by defeat.

Do not compare

Each child has her own ability, her own skill and special way of doing things. Some child would learn fast, some learn slow, some have more endurance than others, but none of this is a boon or a bane. Do not compare your child with others even if it is obvious. It will not only cost the child her confidence but will also her faith in herself and in the sport.

Motivating your child is not a strategy, it’s an experience. Be by your child, support her, be her biggest fan and your child will find the positivity and enthusiasm in the game.


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