Thursday, 7 April 2016

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Handy Tips for Creating Sports Teams’ Schedules

One of the most challenging tasks in managing sports teams is creating schedules for practice, games, leagues and tournaments. Most Athletic Directors would agree that creating schedules means way more than just creating a time table in an excel sheet; it needs a lot of planning and considerations like field availability, logistical constraints, time and resource limitations, blackout dates and so much more. So if you are struggling with creating a schedule here are some real handy tips to help you out.

  • Refer to last year’s schedule and notifications. As a good practice make notes; if there are any schedule changes note down the reasons and if there’s any specific point you need to keep in mind for scheduling in future, jot that down too. Having the previous year’s schedule as a reference point will help.
  • Keep the following lists handy:
    • Field/court availability dates
    • Inter-school tournaments and league dates
    • List of holidays and blackout dates
    • Season beginning and end dates
  • Have a Plan B ready. Many a times there’ll be changes in the schedule as you move along. Having an alternate date/venue plan would come in real handy.
  • Know your resources; which fields are available, budget, allocation, training resources, practice time and all.
  • Use a scheduling tool. InstaTeam automates scheduling, facilitates communication and eases team management. It can be used on the PC and on your mobile device such as cell phone or tablet.

Scheduling will become easier with experience. However, a comprehensive scheduling tool like InstaTeam can really take off the burden and make scheduling simple and fast. To know more about scheduling and team management automation email us at or call us on 415-504-1516 to schedule a free demo.


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