Thursday, 31 December 2015

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Help Sports Kids Stay Focused

Although it is extremely important that sports kids stay focused on the game but with so many distractions around it is just natural for a child’s mind to wander off. And it is a matter of great concern for parents and coaches who are deeply concerned about the child’s performance. Here are a few tips to help your kid stay focused on the game irrespective of the distractions.

Friends: One of the main causes of distraction for sports kids is their friends. If your child’s friends are not into professional sports and are spending time otherwise going out together and having fun while your child has to attend practice sessions, chances are that at some point the child might loose it for the game. In such a situation you must intelligently allocate time for game and play. Kids need time to themselves and with their friends to rejuvenate. Make a timetable and allocate breathing time for the child. This will help the child perform better in the game also.

Internet: Internet has become a vital part of the child’s growing up be it in studies or entertainment, although, Internet can be very addictive. Many children across the globe are suffering for ill effects of Internet addiction. You need to counsel your child for smart and safe use of the Internet. Make them responsible for how they use the Internet. Casually discuss Dos and Don’ts but do not put strict restrictions as this can have a boomerang effect or make your child rebel the rule.

Studies: Yes, however wrong it might sound to you but studies can be a distraction for the child’s game. Exams, projects, extra studies, homework, pressure to do better in academics; all this can be a distraction in pro sports. But studies are important too. Again, a well-planned timetable that allocates reasonable time to studies and provides for cushion of projects etc. can be of great help here.

Peer pressure: Many a times your child’s friends or classmates would try and distract her and the reason can be as silly as jealousy. Sports kids are popular and the popularity brings in as many friends as rivals. This is a part of growing up for the child and it’s not just a sports lesson but also a life lesson you might want to teach your kid: how to keep priorities right in life and how to not-compromise them.

Performance pressure: Just because a child plays good we set our expectations high. And because we keep our expectations high, the child gets nervous and cannot perform. This brings down the confidence and makes the child despise the game in extreme cases. There’s a thin line between motivating your child and putting performance pressure. We need to understand, differentiate and stay on the right side.

Game focus is not just the child’s onus. It’s as much on us too. Hope these points help. Tell us in the comments below if there’s something we missed out.


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