Thursday, 3 September 2015

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Youth Sports Car Pool Dos and Don'ts

If you ask parents of youth sports participants as to what are the main challenges they face as youth sports parents, most of them will end up answering either ‘time' or ‘money' or both. And if there could be a solution, perhaps they'd be a whole lot more enthusiastic of their child's sports participation. Especially with many single parents who do not have the luxury of shared responsibility, the whole preposition becomes very difficult.

A great solution to the above mentioned problem is car pool. On one hand car pool has direct monetary benefits, on the other it is a great time saver too. But before you get into a car pool group, just ensure a few vital things are in place such that the car pool initiative helps everyone involved, including the players.

Rules for everyone in the car

You might be a good driver, but what if someone in the group isn't? What if someone in the group does not follow basic hygiene etiquettes in the car and next thing you know is that there is food and stuff spilled all over? It always better to be sure than sorry. Consult other parents and mutually draft a set of rules for drivers and passengers in the car. Keep in mind things like safe driving, use of foul language, smoking, littering etc. Also, keep a fine for offenders such that being extra careful of following the rules becomes important.


Make sure full addresses along with clear driving directions is given for each players house. If need be mark it on the digital map. This will avoid last minute inconveniences for everyone involved. Also, ensure there's a way in which this information is shared and preferably stays (is saved) with everyone.

Behavioral guidelines for kids

Basic car etiquette such as no munching in the car, no loud music, no swearing, no fighting, no roughhousing, no removing seatbelts etc. need to be clearly outlined. Do not assume that parents will tell their children these basic things or the kids would already know them. It is always better to state the obvious than be unpleasantly surprised.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

You can't make it to your turn, communicate and ensure someone else is available. You might get late? Communicate. Not happy with a kid's behavior? Communicate. Do not take the onus of doing everything on your own. Talk to the group and let every decision regarding the group be a parliamentary decision okayed by the majority if not everyone.

Get technology to your rescue

There will always be someone who'll forget his or her turn. There'll always be someone who'll forget to communicate. To avoid these human errors you need technology to your rescue. Get an automated group app like InstaTeam that not only streamlines group communication but send automated reminders for every group event.


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