Friday, 3 July 2015

Published Friday, July 03, 2015 with 5 comments

How to Expand the Scope of Youth Sports Program

Tips for coaches on how to grow their youth sports program.

Involved in a youth sports program and feel the need to grow it? Well here’s what you can do:

Reach out: Not just to other local clubs playing the same sport, but to teams playing other sports too. A healthy association with other clubs will help ensure that league dates or game dates do not clash. Similarly reach out to other local bodies and associations to promote an upcoming league; get in touch with the local church, schools etc. to giveaway flyers send out forms for registration.

Allow sports breaks: Everyone needs a break and players need it the most coz playing is serious business. The break allows players to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Allow sports-free weekends every once in a while. This will also help players get their focus and perspective in place.

Incentivise: Sometimes the carrot works and sometimes the bribe. Use whatever works best in the given situation. After all organizing, administering, conducting, coaching and leading a youth sports program is no child’s play. For all the efforts, energy and resources that go into putting youth sports together you sure deserve to have a successful one. Give discounts for early registrations, give incentives for bringing new signups, let parents choose the payment option that suits them and not that is convenient to you.

Advertise: Spread the word everywhere you can; Facebook, school, local community. Use flyers, posters, printed tees with the team name on them, banners and more to get the local community interested.

While conducting and managing a youth sports program can be quiet a challenge in itself, getting people to sign-up initially can be equally daunting. But with the right planning and efforts put in, getting started can be a breeze. And then the real challenge would come in: the game, so all the best for that!.