Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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How To Choose An Effective Sports Program For Your Child

Participation in sports for children is no more an option. With ancillary benefits such as college admission and a whole expanse career options that sports now offer, parents are increasingly taking up pro sports for their children. The concern most parents face is how to choose the perfect sports program for your child. Here is a list of check points that can help you narrow down to a particular sports program.

Child Safety: A good youth sports management program needs to ensure your child's physical and sexual security as a strict practice. Here are a few things you can check to ensure your child's youth sports program is "child safe".
• All adolescents and adults' background has been verified whether they are volunteers or paid staff;
• All coaches, staff and volunteers are trained in first aid;
• There is a code of conduct for everyone working with and in the team including coaches and players. Activities like bullying, teasing, hazing by players or staff or yelling by coach etc. are discouraged.

Emphasis on learning and not winning: We would all agree that apart from the sport, we as parents enroll our children for sports for the ancillary benefits like sportsman spirit, team play, stamina, discipline, dedication and more. These collateral benefits help shape the child's overall personality. A good youth sports program would lay emphasis on these benefits more than winning the game. The child is put into undue pressure if the emphasis is on winning and might start having an inferiority complex if he is not able to perform.

Heterogeneous teams: The youth sports program should encourage teams with a heterogeneous mix of players with different ages, mixed abilities and skill-sets. This helps the child get good exposure and also provides a whole lot of life-skills learning for kids.

Solicits feedback and suggestions: Parent involvement in youth sports team is equal to the child's involvement, if not more. Your youth sports program should accommodate parents' suggestion and feedback. This way not only will the program benefit, parents can also trust the program more.

Another concern is financial commitment. Sports involvement comes at an expense. There is expensive gear, equipment sports articles that needs to be purchased. On top of that taking coaching, going to practice sessions and games, all of this also requires a lot of money. And by simple math, multiple sports equal to multiple expenses. There are used sports gear and equipment available that can bring in a little relief.

Continuous learning: A good youth sports program will lay emphasis on coach-training from time to time and will have strict standards of coach evaluation every season.