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Tips for Sports Parents

Being a parent comes with a whole set of responsibilities, and being a sports parent adds to the commitment. It's a challenge to keep up with the busy routine, practice sessions, nutritional value, emotional counseling, motivation and a whole lot that your child might need. And your involvement in your child's sports will help your child fare better. As a matter of fact different studies have suggested that parents' involvement is more critical to child's success than any other factor. There are several ways you can support your child's sports activities at school and beyond. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Develop a partnership with your child's coach and parents of his/her teammates

Meet the Coach – Ask the coach for a good time to meet up. Let the coach know you are keenly interested in your child's sports indulgence. Offer help with team activities.

Get to know other parents – Social acquaintance with other sports parents from your child's team not only helps the team bond better but also brings in confidence and enthusiasm helping your child's growth socially and emotionally.

Attend practice sessions – What happens during practice sessions is as important as the game itself. Observe your child's skills, note down the areas of improvement and be available if your child needs anything.

Get involved with your child's sport

Watch the sport on television with your child – It's like being there, well almost. Watching the game on television helps you and your child learn about the game, make you more conversant with the terms of the game and helps your child get involved. Volunteer at your child's sport practice sessions or games – Coaches appreciate it when parents help out in the game. There are several ways to contribute. You can volunteer in a practice session or game, bring in sandwiches or lemonade for the team. You can also volunteer to drive kids living in the neighborhood to the venue.

Be informed and participate

Ask questions – If there's something that concerns you about your child's training or skills, ask the coach about it and seek his advice with an openness to take criticism or remarks in your stride.

Monitor your child's physical exercise and nutritional requirement – To be able to do justice to a hectic schedule consisting of study, work and play, your child needs to have energy and stamina good to hold up to the routine. You will have to monitor protein and vitamin intake, fiber intake, refrain from junk food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Talk to your child – There may be bad days and good days, or there might be times when your child might be low on nutrition, even worse your child might be having a problem with a bully or some situation that needs attention. Be available for listening, talk to your child. There might be situations demanding your counseling and support. And you'll be amazed at how many problems will get solved just by talking.

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