Tuesday, 9 July 2019

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Team Registrations – App, Zap, Zoom

All prepared for the start of a new season? New registrations, and the whole ritual, paperwork and strenuous effort shouldn’t bog you down. InstaTeam makes life easier for the coach, admin, even players and their parents, by minimizing manual work, facilitating wider reach and bringing the whole team’s management at the tip of your hands, literally.

It’s easier than it sounds. Follow these simple steps to register your team, add new members and manage registrations.

Creating a new team

1.     Open InstaTeam app.

2.     Tap on top-right corner ‘Add Teams’

3.     Fill in the relevant details. Tap on ‘Create Team’.
4.     A new page appears. Just put-in some more details about the team, and you are good to go.

Within fraction of a minute, your team is created.

Adding new members

Now that your team is created, you need to add new members to the team.

1.     Tap on the team name in which you want to add new members.

2.     Tap on the top-right side “+” sign.

3.     Tap on ‘Add Player’.

4.     Select the team in which you want to add players, and tap ‘Next’.

5.     Fill in the relevant details.

You can also add additional parameters if that calls for it. For instance you can add home address or blood group or some other information. You will have to add that parameter only once and it will appear for the whole team.

Now that you have created a team and added players, managing the team on our sports team management app is super easy. You can easily manage rosters and scheduling. And with all that time you’ve saved using InstaTeam, we’d say, “go play!”.

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