Friday, 16 August 2019

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This Is How InstaTeam Helped This Youth Orchestra

Brian Miller is a conductor of a youth orchestra in Utah. He has a music school; where in different musical instruments are taught. There are different classes for strings, winds and percussion, an intermediate string ensemble and one elementary string class.

Brian Miller has to coordinate with students, their parents and teachers for different classes. “It’s like symphony”, says Brian who walks a tight rope communicating and coordinating for various class schedules, last minute changes, practices and so on. Brian had to maintain excel sheets for each class, assigned teachers, and days of the week etc. And then there is payments. Brian had to constantly keep updating his excel sheet for fees due for each student. Brian got InstaTeam for his music school last summer. Since then all the admin stuff has become easy as breeze and Brian can actually spend more time on the music than on excel sheets. According to Brian, this is how InstaTeam has helped his music school:

Easy and convenient

Earlier, Brian would maintain different excel files for different instruments. Each excel file had worksheets for different batches. For each batch there’s a teacher. To reschedule or swap timings for a particular class, Brian would have to communicate and coordinate with all the students individually and then teachers. It was a lot of work to do. After Brian’s music school started using InstaTeam, life for everyone became so much easier. Brian has created teams for each batch. For any communication, all he has to do is send a team message. Brain can manage all his teams from a single platform. The auto update on website feature has also helped Brian and his music school a lot. Prospective students who look for information about the school, always get updated information. This makes the school look very professional and leaves a positive imprint. Parents of the students studying in the music school are also happy with the smoothness with which all communication takes place. They can easily access all the information on the app or the website. Notifications on the smart phone, reminders and instant communication have made everyone’s life easier.

Online payments

One of the most challenging tasks in the music school was fee collection. Different batches have different due dates. Each batch has a different fee, depending on the level of expertise. Then the payment to teachers also has to be managed. Different dues for different batches, keeping a log of the number of hours of teaching and so on. With InstaTeam, each team’s number of payment schedule has to be established once and then the app sends auto reminders to students, their parents and also to Brain and the teacher responsible for the class so that know. The no. of classes is recorded and there is no confusion for any collection or payment. Even within a team, if there are students with different payment plans, that can also be specified in the app, and the reminders will be sent accordingly. Accepting and making payments also has become very convenient. The app allows payments through cards, PayPal, wallets and more.

No more chain mails

Sending out emails is easy. You can send a single email to a group of people. But the problem starts when all the parents and students start replying to those emails. You have to go through a whole chain of emails to track a message. With InstaTeam, a group text can do the job. People can mark their attendance, or send the confirmation message on the app only, saving a whole load of time. For example, a program gets cancelled due to some unexpected reason. When this happens, Brian doesn’t have to scramble to phone, e-mail or text players or parents to notify them that the symphony is cancelled. InstaTeam’s efficient communication features allow him to e-mail one player, a team, or your entire school with the click of a button from his desktop or phone. They will receive the notification however they prefer, whether it’s text or email, the team will be updated at all times.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

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Here’s Why Your Sports Team Should Have A Website

A website is not an ancillary, it is an essential. Many a times teams feel that since they are not operating at a national level, having a website isn’t important. But even with local teams, all stakeholders, potential players, parents, potential employees, sponsors, fans, league teams and more, would look for information about your team on the website. Apart from this compelling reason, here are some more reasons stating why should your team have a website.

Online Presence

The first and foremost reason for having a website is having online presence. Anybody who searches for your team should be able to land on some page that provides information about your team. Most of the times when people do not see a website, they do not have faith, it’s like not having an office!

Consolidated Information

All team related information, team media and important communication can be put on the website. Anyone interested in the team, sponsor, potential players, coaches and selectors, all can access team information on the website. The website can be synced with InstaTeam, where in any change in the schedule, or any event added will automatically be updated on the website.


While InstaTeam takes care of intra-team communication, a website can be the face of the team for outside world. There are several reasons why the team would need to communicate with the outside world, there are sponsors, there are leagues, if the team is scouting for good staff, potential players, all of these would want some medium to read up, find information, compare and analyse, a website is the perfect medium.

Anytime, anywhere access

The information on the website can be accessed 24x7x365, and from anywhere. Along with InstaTeam, the website can be the source of latest information on the team, the schedule, poster or any other information.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019

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Digital Roster That Supports A Growing Team

In any sport, roster plays a major role. In youth sports it is all the more important because apart from the team’s ranking, a roster has the child’s parent details and other important information. Every time a communication has to be sent to the player regarding any important information about the game, the message should reach the child’s parents or guardians also, whoever is responsible for bringing the child to the game. Which means every time the coach creates a roster for the team, all the information with regards to parents, other listed contacts, emergency contact, home address, important notes etc. have to be rewritten.

InstaTeam’s digital roster gets created automatically as and when you add a player. You can keep adding players and the roster gets automatically updated. When the season changes, all you need to do is add new members, and delete the ones that are no longer a part of the team. You don’t have to go through the process of creating a new team, a new roster, adding all the details all over again.

Here’s how you can add information to a player’s profile on InstaTeam:

Open the InstaTeam app, home screen. Choose the team. In the team home screen, scroll down and choose the player name, in whose roster you want to add details.

Scroll down, tap on ‘Add Parent’

The screen would show the names of parents already in the team. To add a new parent choose, ‘Not on the list’.

Fill in the relevant details.

InstaTeam app allows adding a total of four parents for each player. More details can be added in the ’Custom Parameters’ section.

All numbers that are added to the profile will receive notifications and reminders in regards to the game schedule or any other important communication.

Coaches need to feed all this information only once. The whole roster and communication will be taken care of there on.

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